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Windshield Repair

During our 16 years of providing exemplary auto glass services to the Chandler, Arizona area we have found that most people don’t realize how quickly a windshield crack can grow to a point where a new windshield becomes your only option. The long short of it is, it’s the sun. The never-ending Arizona sun puts a short time limit on how long you have to fix chips or cracks in your auto glass. We all know that the interior heats up to a dangerous temperature quickly while in direct sunlight.

The same goes for the glass. It heats up to the same temperatures, easily reaching 170 degrees or more on a warm day causing the glass to expand on a molecular level. Later on, when the rest of the healthy glass shrinks back down to its normal size, the crack cannot, thus grows. This is why getting your Car Window Repair done quickly is so important. If you wait too long, you’ll end up footing the bill for a new windshield instead of a repair that only takes around a half-hour to perform.

The best repairs are done with top-quality window resins and highly-skilled auto glass repair technicians. Chandler Mobile Auto Glass employs both. We are so meticulous about the products that we use and the training that our certified technicians receive that we can offer each of our clients an industry-leading guarantee on our windshield repairs.

Over the last 16 years, we have proven our company to be one of the premier auto glass shops in the Phoenix Metro area. Our skilled technicians are certified and understand the nuances involved in creating a perfect windshield to frame seal.

We know that they’ll last a lifetime and we back that up with a warranty that protects our clients for as long as they own the vehicle that the service was performed on. Call us today, and we’ll give you a free estimate and explain the process.

(480) 702-2795