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Walking back to your vehicle after visiting Desert Breeze Park (or any of the other wonderful parks around town) you notice a small chip and a crack running for a couple of inches near your windshield wiper blade. When did that happen? Was it there before? Your heart sinks a little. Not only is your prized vehicle marred, but the crack is something that will have to be repaired quickly before the desert sun causes the crack to grow in length, worsening to the point that Windshield Repair will no longer be an option. Auto glass repair isn’t as difficult as it used to be … at least not with Chandler Mobile Auto Glass. We specialize in:

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We do everything we can to make it easy for our clients. We understand that it can be difficult to get to an auto shop within normal business hours. For this reason, we created our mobile service. We take the frustration out of auto glass repair by scheduling a convenient time and place to handle your vehicle’s repair. It could be at your work, your school, or your driveway. As long as it is in the greater Chandler, Arizona area and we have a close by spot to park and enough elbow room to work, we’ll show up where you need us. We’ll even help you figure out your insurance claim when it comes to windshield replacements. We’re sure you have questions, and we love answering them. So just give our friendly team a call anytime during our day hours, Monday through Saturday.

(480) 702-2795